About FlowPhotosUSA

Flow’s owner, Ryan Wells, began this company in 2013. When he photographed his first home in Edmond, Oklahoma, it sold in only two days, so Ryan decided to start his own real estate photography company under the name “Oklahoma Real Estate Photography”. In our first year of business, we photographed 60 houses, but for the next year, we set a colossal goal to photograph 800 real estate listings. December 31st, 2014 was a rough morning. We were at 799 photoshoots for the year, so close to reaching our goal, but snow covered the ground and there were no appointments for the day. Out of the blue, a realtor called us in the afternoon and asked if there was any chance we could come out and get some interior photos of their listing. We were ecstatic. We got that photoshoot for him, and we reached our goal! Reaching that goal is what really catapulted us into the professional real estate photography business.

“When we set our own interests aside and focused on our clients’ interests and goals, we were able to work together as a team to pursue their real estate dreams.”

Just as every business, we have had our ups and downs along the way, but the more experience we gained, the more we began to notice something important. When we put our clients’ needs above our own and emphasized open communication, our work just seemed to flow more smoothly. We also realized that realtors and home buyers alike loved when we showed the “flow” of each home, so we began training all of our photographers how to show the “flow”. That’s where #showtheflow first began. As we continued to use the word “flow” more and more in our business, we realized that it was becoming more than just a strategy. It was becoming our calling. Because it was so present in our business, we changed our name from “Oklahoma Real Estate Photography” to “Flow Real Estate Photography”, and finally figured out how to reach the perfect flow in our business. When we set our own interests aside and focused on our clients’ interests and goals, we were able to work together as a team to pursue their real estate dreams.

The concept of teamwork is incredibly important to our company. Many photography companies act as vendors to their customers, putting all their emphasis on the transaction, but at Flow, we want to shift that paradigm. We don’t see our customers as mere transactions. We want our customers to see us as the ideal teammate, because it’s not about us, it’s about you! When you hire Flow, we become a part of your team, working together to accomplish your goals. Our Second Mile Philosophy is what truly drives us to go above and beyond to be the best teammate possible, and to go that extra mile for our customers.

Our Second Mile Philosophy:

$1 for your first photoshoot with Flow This may sound too good to be true, but there are no strings attached to this awesome deal. If you are a realtor or homebuilder who has never used Flow before, you can get your first photoshoot for only $1. We offer this incredible deal because we want to let you try our services without any risk to you, and we know you’ll love our customer care and unparalleled services.

No rescheduling fees – We will never charge a fee for rescheduling an appointment with Flow. Whether your homeowners need a little extra time to get moved out of their house, or you’re waiting on staging furniture, whatever your reason for needing to reschedule, just get in touch with us and we can find a better time that works for you and your homeowners.

No cancellation fees – At Flow, we understand that sometimes life happens and unexpected things can pop up at any time. Because of this, we never penalize our customers for appointment cancellations. If you need to cancel your appointment with Flow for any reason, you can do so at any time without having to worry about cancellation fees.

Free Reshoots – Whether your home has been updated, the weather wasn’t cooperating for exteriors, or you want a few extra pictures of the neighborhood that you forgot to mention to your photographer, Flow never charges extra for reshoots for any reason. We will be more than happy to take a few more photos for you, at no extra charge of course, to make sure that your listing has everything it needs to be successful.

Free Drone Photos – We never charge extra for drone photos. Drone photography is one of the newest advancements in photography technology, and listing viewers just can’t get enough of it. That never-before-seen perspective is eye-catching, and it can boost your listing views significantly. Because Flow knows how impactful drone photos can be, we want everyone to have the opportunity to include them in their listings, so we offer them completely free! Just make sure to choose one of our photographers that have an FAA drone license when you book your appointment.

Lost listing protection – Unfortunately, realtors sometimes lose their listings. If this happens to you, we’ve got your back. Flow offers every realtor lost listing protection, no matter their reason for losing the listing. This means that if you lose a listing that you’ve already paid us to have photographed, we will give you your next photoshoot of equal or lesser value for free. When you take a hit like that, we want to be a good teammate and take the hit with you.

Free Websites – With every photoshoot appointment you book with Flow, you will receive your listing photos, a property description, a list of property features, a map, and a contact form all on a free website that Flow creates for you. Along with the free website, you will also receive a branded and unbranded link that can be used on MLS. Once you receive this website, you will have full access to edit and customize your listing, and you’ll even have the option to add your logo and profile picture.

Services –

Real Estate Photography – Flow provides their customers full coverage photography with full usage rights for all your real estate listings. Our photos are sized to correspond with MLS and other listing sites, such as Zillow and Trulia. We include exteriors, interiors, and details with every shoot, as well as neighborhood amenities upon request, such as pools, ponds, and anything else that can give your listing a little flare.

Real Estate Video – Video tours are an incredible asset to your listings. They allow you to virtually show your clients a home without the hassle of meeting in person. We set our real estate videos to music of your choice, and we make sure to highlight the best features on each property.

Drone/Aerial Photos – Aerial photos are another great way to boost listing views. With drone photography, you can show an entire property in one shot, and capture those eye-catching photos that draw in more viewers. With Flow, drone photography is free with any real estate photography appointment.

Drone/Aerial Video – Drone video adds a cinematic, professional look to your listing. That dramatic look is very appealing to potential buyers, and it can significantly boost your listing views. Drone video is also free with any real estate photography appointment.

Real Estate 3D Tours – Comprehensive virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular these days, allowing potential buyers to click and drag their way around a home, virtually exploring on their own time. We offer Zillow 3D tours, and Matterport, which can show your home in the popular Dollhouse View. Pro Tip: If you’re listing on Zillow, adding a Zillow 3D tour to your listing will make your listing rank higher on Zillow’s search results.

Virtual Staging for Real Estate – Hiring a professional stager to decorate your house before hiring a photographer is always a great idea, but we know that it isn’t always an option. With Flow’s Virtual Staging option, staging your home has never been easier. If you choose to virtually stage your home, we can add furniture to empty rooms, remove unwanted furniture and clutter, and even improve the look of the grass, sky, and landscaping on exterior photos.