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Are You Looking to Potentially Own Your Own Flow Photography Business?

Owning a Flow Photography will allow YOU to have an opportunity to earn both time and financial freedom by providing real estate photography, videography, 3D tour, and drone solutions to anyone looking to market, sell or lease a property.

How Much Money Does It Cost to Open a Flow Photography?

Buying many franchises or licensing many business models can typically cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or up to millions of dollars, however at Flow Photography we have designed proven systems, processes and marketing strategies that will allow you to start your own Flow Real Estate Photography business for as little as a $10,000 upfront investment of capital.

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What Would Your Workday Look Like If You Owned a Flow Photography?

If you owned a Flow Photography your job would be to provide excellent real estate photography, videography, 3D tour and drone marketing solutions for your clients, managing a team of photographers and videographers and establishing / maintaining relationships with realtors and other real estate professionals.


How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Own and Operate a Flow Photography Business?

\Over the years we have honed and refined our training processes and overall experience to the point where it typically only takes 2 weeks of completely-focused hands-on training to learn how to become proficient in your craft.

What Are the Responsibilities of Flow Corporate and the Flow Licensee?

Flow Photography Corporate Responsibilities

  • On-going Real Estate Photography, Videography, 3D Tour and Drone Training
  • Editing of All Real Estate Marketing Images and Video
  • Providing Industry Insight, Tools Training, Checklists and Proven Processes
  • Website Marketing
  • On-Line Marketing

Flow Photography Local Owner / Licensee Responsibilities

  • Providing Professional Real Estate Photography, Videography, 3D Tours, Drone Footage, etc.
  • Hiring, Inspiring and Managing a Local Team of Real Estate Photographers & Videographers
  • Maintaining and Managing Relationships with Realtors Within Your Local Market
  • Gathering Objective Reviews / Testimonials from Your Happy Clients

This Sounds Too Good to Be. What Is the Catch?

The catch is that at Flow Photos Corporate we make a percentage of each location’s total gross revenue. Thus, if you aren’t making any money, we are not making money either. So in order to push you to be your absolute best and to do everything possible to ensure that you succeed and thrive with your new business you are required to hop on a weekly coaching call with our Flow Photography Team that makes sure you are following the proven plan and implementing the success strategies while using the systems to the best of your ability.


What is the Next Step?

Step 1 – In order to see if you are a good fit we would like to hop on a brief 15 to 30 minute call with you to answer any of the questions you have initially about running a Flow Photography.

Step 2 – We will schedule a Discovery Day in Oklahoma City where you will visit our Oklahoma City location so that you see if running and operating a Flow Photography is the best thing for you and your family based upon your goals, your financial situation and your overall experience with Flow.

Step 3 – If you want to move forward in opening up your own Flow Photography we would schedule a “Closing” day where you would buy your own Flow Photography location and we would then schedule your hands-on training.

Step 4 – During your interactive training you will be working with the equipment and learning how to become proficient in providing real estate photography, videography, 3D tour and drone service.

Step 5 – Once you have shown yourself to be proficient and able to provide high-quality real estate photography, videography, 3D tour and drone service you then be open for business!


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Flow Real Estate Photography has revolutionized the real estate photography industry by providing an excellent photography system that serves Realtors, Home Builders, and Business Owners. Our licensing model provides entrepreneurs and photographers with a unique opportunity to achieve their professional and personal goals while serving the real estate market in their area. As a licensee you will be able to provide photography, drone photography, video, and 360 virtual tours. These services are extremely popular and are an essential part of a real estate agent’s marketing plan.

What started out as one man doing real estate photography as a part time side job has grown to become a network of locations across the country that photographs thousands of homes a year. Flow Real Estate Photography began in 2013 and was started by Ryan Wells in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. From the very beginning our goal was to not just be a vendor that Realtors use, but to become an integral part of the team for real estate professionals. This may just be the opportunity you are looking for that will help you build time and financial freedom. The best part about it is you do not need any photography experience to run a successful Flow Real Estate Photography location. You just need a desire to succeed and be willing to follow our proven turn-key photography system.

The process begins by reaching out to us by emailing You will schedule a phone call with Ryan Wells to discuss the opportunity available for offering great real estate photography in your area. Flow Real Estate Photography licensees are people that are active in their local community and know how to build relationships with real estate industry professionals. They will be responsible for their own personal promotion and will team up with our marketing experts to do their own local marketing. Flow Real Estate Photography utilizes proven marketing techniques including, Google Reviews, Video Reviews, Social Media Advertising, Sales Calls, Retargeting Ads, Google Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. Our marketing plan brings in leads that will come in through your local landing page that features social proof adding credibility by showcasing many of the real estate companies and brokerages that we work with. You will have access to our call center that will assist you in making sales calls to a list of Realtors that you provide. Our team has perfected the art of sales scripts ensuring a steady flow of leads that will result in paying real estate photo shoots. We have made it super simple for clients to schedule their own photo appointments using an online scheduling system that syncs with your calendar. This means that you have the ability to set your own schedule.


You do not need photography experience to start a Flow Real Estate Photography!

If we determine that you are a good fit, the first step is to set up a two day shadow time where you will come to Oklahoma City to see what the experience is like. We have a comprehensive training program where you will be prepared to capture amazing real estate photos. You will also receive training on the systems we use that will set you up for success in this industry. Because you will not have to worry about editing the photos, training has been condensed down to only two days. You will learn the settings to use on your camera, a checklist of all the shots you need to get to do full coverage photography of a home, and how to upload the photos to our editing team. We do not charge clients anything extra for drone photos as they are included in the price of the photo shoot. This means that before you begin you will need to obtain a Part 107 FAA license to use Unarmed Aerial Vehicles (drones) for commercial purposes.

As a licensee of Flow Real Estate Photography, you have two jobs to do. You will capture real estate photos and train new photographers that join your local team. We handle all the photo editing for you! The typical photo shoot experience is simple. You will arrive on time to your scheduled appointments. From there you will follow our photo shoot checklist to ensure you get full coverage of the home and all the important angles. Then you will upload the raw images to our Flow Real Estate Photography Oklahoma City team. We will edit the photos and deliver them to the client the next day. You will not need to handle billing for the service. Our photo delivery system has invoicing built right in. Clients will not be able to download their listing photos until after they have previewed them and paid. Our Oklahoma City office will even follow up with the clients after they receive their photos to make sure they are happy with the service. The follow up calls also help in generating more Google reviews so you will have a steady stream of objective feedback. Our team also assists in quality control to make sure the photo quality is consistent.

Finding great people to join your photography team has never been easier. Our hiring system is set up so that you will always have a great pool of A-Player recruits to choose from. You will be responsible for running classified ads and conducting interviews on a regular basis.
Successful locations follow the Flow Real Estate Photography system of ongoing training. This will include a daily huddle with your team, manager’s meeting, sales training, and photography training.

The total cost to get started is less than $15,000 which is the equipment cost. A detailed breakdown of the equipment will be provided when you reach out for more information. This will include a camera, tripod, drone, 360 Camera and more.

Are you ready to get started? Send us an email to and we will schedule a phone call so you can learn more about opening a Flow Real Estate Photography location in your area.

Open Your Own Flow Photography