The owner of the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa is a Ryan Wells. Brian began his company in 2013. The first time he photographs a home was in Edmond, Oklahoma. And it sold only two days after that, so Ryan decided to start his own real estate photography company under the name of Oklahoma real estate photography. In our first year business, we photograph 60 houses. But, for the next year, we set a colossal goal to photograph over 800 real estate listings. We were able to reach his goal and we were fully ecstatic! By reaching this goal, it it really catapult ed us into the professional real estate photography business.

But even with this being the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa, we almost didn’t make that goal. December 31, 2015 was a rough morning. We were at 799 photo shoots for the year. We were so close, but so far away from our goal. With snow covering the ground, there was no appointments for the day. Out of the blue, a realtor called us in the afternoon and asked if there was any chance that we could come out and get some interior photos for their listing. With this call, we were able to reach our goal at commission point we got the photo shoot for him and we were absolutely ecstatic!

Because we are the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa, we believe in going the 2nd mile to prove we are a part of your team and not just the vendor. For this with our team approach to doing customer service. We hope you will take it manage of all the great services we offer. And at this is your first associate with low, it will only be one dollar! Throughout the years, we have constantly updated how we do things. This is how we are able to stay above the market and provide you with the absolute best. Because just as every business, we’ve had our ups and downs along the way. We have gained the experience needed to notice the more important things. We put our clients needs above our own, and emphasize open communication, our work to seems to flow more smoothly.

We also realize that homebuyers and realtors a way to love how we show the flow of each home, so we began training all of our photographers to show the flow. That’s where #showtheflow originated from. As we continue to use the workflow more and more in our business, we realize it was coming more than just a strategy. It is becoming our calling, our brand. It was so present in our business, we decided to change her name from Oklahoma real estate photography to flow real estate photography. By doing this, we were finally able to figure out how to reach the perfect flow in our business and become the leading real estate photographer in the state.

We set our own interests aside and focus on our clients interesting goals. We were able to work together as a team to pursue their real estate dreams and provide the absolute best in customer service. You can give us a call today at 918-986-7373, or go online and check out our website in a science by going to

Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa

It is the listing agent that typically hires us to take photos as the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa. Staging and listing prep is the responsibility of the listing agent as far as we are concerned. We asked that you have your listing 100% ready before the photographer gets the appointment. This way, they are free to take photos and I have to wait around or Dodge people. It is best that it is only the photographer and one other person in the home during the photo shoot. This ensures that we are able to get our side of the job done with the absolute best.

By being the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa, we know that you and your seller probably have a busy schedule. Don’t let that be an excuse to not be ready to list! Schedule your photo shoot with your seller so they know the exact date and time that the flow photographer will show up. Give them plenty of time to get ready. Don’t set them up for failure. We have provided a free photo shoot prep checklist on our resources page as well. Email this to your client when you schedule your photo shoot to best prepare them. And make sure to go over with them on the phone and stressed the importance of having their home prepared 100% and they will more than likely tell you that they sought to live in their home… To remind them that you are the expert and that their home is now product on the market and should be prepared to be ready!

Because you chose to have the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa on your team, he will still get the best result possible. Make sure to check with your client 24 hours prior to your photo shoot. And you should ask if they have any questions and make sure to answer them to the best of your ability. You can always reach out to us and we will always happily answer any questions that you can’t. We are in this is a team, and together we can make this a smooth, simple, and fun experience for everyone involved.

It’s best if you arrive an hour early if you suspect the home will not be ready for photos. This is your chance to rearrange things that they may think look good, but you know will look great in the photos. Because we use the wide-angle lenses, our cameras can see everything! Please make sure to hide while the photographers taking pictures as well. We don’t want any where’s Waldo scenarios. Have your seller go grab a Starbucks drink or snack while the appointment is happening. This way they won’t be tempted to stick their head into the photos by accident.

But at the end of the day, we also offer virtual staging on our side. So just in case your home wasn’t fully ready like we asked, or maybe the homeowner didn’t quite prepare everything the way they should have, we can so you fully covered. We are able to remove unsightly objects, private photos, and so much more. We do this to ensure that your seller is safe. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please for free to reach out the same time. You can call us today at 918-986-7373, or check in our online website at