We know exactly what to photograph and what the market is looking for by being the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa. We can help you achieve selling your home quick and efficiently by providing you with it to make all of your photos that shine bright. Sometimes though, the interior of the home can be amazing, that the outside is just simply trash. Let us help you by making your exterior as amazing as the interior. It follows the same general tips of just making sure everything is clean, but will give me specifics on exactly what to do.

The front exterior is the frontal selling point when you’re searching for the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa. This is the first thing the client sees, it will be the first thing that is judged. When we take exterior photos, make sure that all of your garage doors are closed and that there are no cars in the driveway or on the street in the very front. This provides a clean and elegant look while also showcasing exactly what you’re trying to sell, your home.

By being the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa, we know exactly what to do to make your listing shine. Before we get there, make sure to clean up your landscaping by mowing, trimming the shrubs, including the leaves of the ground. But try not to do this the same day, as the leftover debris will still be around. Make sure to plan accordingly and time this out. It’s also recommended that you remove empty planners as they could be seen as unsightly. The easiest way to remove cobwebs and links from your doorframe and front entryway is by using a broom. It really is as simple as that, you just have to put in the work. You should also remove any visible water hoses, toys, sports balls, basket vocals, soccer goals, etc. etc., to lend to the overall consistency for the pictures.

In the backyard is just as important as the front. A clean porch will do your listings wonders. But make sure to tidy up your outdoor tables, chairs, cushions, and pillows. And add a little bit of extra flair, make sure that the pillows and cushions are fresh, and not faded. You can even put them up for added dimension. You should also make sure to clear up any toys, balls, frisbees, or anything else from the ground to keep it clean and fresh. And if you have a pool, make sure to remove your pool vacuum cleaner and hide the hoses as these can draw attention from the key features. And make sure to turn on your pool fountains and water features to really add to the overall aesthetic of your backyard. And please, please remove any trash cans as they can be seen as unsightly.

We are here to make your listing shine bright. All you have to do is follow our tips and tricks in your listings will be the talk of the town. Actually, they won’t because they will already be sold. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We always more than happy to help. You can give us a call today at 918-986-7373, or check out our online website at any time by going to flowphotos.com. You can also email if you prefer that at info at flowphotos.com.

Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa

We know that most homebuyers typically start their search online, but the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa is here to make your listing stand out. It is crucial that you start off on the right foot. If you want perfect real estate photos, we suggest following all of our tips to make sure your home is in the best possible shape for your photo shoot appointment. Staging and listing prep is the responsibility of the listing agent as far as we’re concerned though. We ask that you have your listings ready 100% before the photographer gets there so they are free to take photos and I have to wait or Dodge people. It is best that there is only one photographer and one person in the home during the photo shoot.

We know that by being the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa we have high expectations. And we expect our clients to match our energy and 100% commitment. But there was some living room tips to really make it shine. We understand that you might currently still be living there, but it doesn’t mean that your home has to look like it’s lived in in the photos. It’s actually prefer that it doesn’t. So when it comes down to it, make sure that the general cleaning is already done. Picture to de-clutter, organize, and put away personal belongings. Make sure to remove any magazines, papers, mail, or anything else I can be considered personal. This is not only done for the best photos, but for your privacy as well.

We love a good fireplace shot here at the Best Real Estate Photography Tulsa. But make sure to de-clutter the fireplace mantel, or hearth before we get there. To avoid looking de-organize and cluttered, we recommend not having no more than five items. This includes art. What might look good to you, Mina look at everybody else. We also recommend that you clean the interior and exterior of the fireplace and get rid of any soot or ash that might be around. And if necessary, you might want to repaint it to give it that fresh and clean look.

Now it comes to your furniture, the main thing is just making sure that everything looks organize and clean. Should of fluff and arrange furniture pillows and present the best side forward. And please, remove your kids toys from the pictures. We don’t want anything to take away the focal point of what really matters, you are home. We also understand that having animals is very common. Before photographer arrives, please make sure that everything is cleaned up. Please place the food and water bowls away and make sure to remove pet hair from all furniture and blankets that are visible. And make sure to get underneath the couches and in the nooks and crannies, our wide-eyed lens captures literally everything. And it is best that your pet is contained in a hidden crate or outside what we are doing the photographs. As cute as they may be, we don’t want them running any pictures.

If you have any specific questions on how to get your house ready for photos, please contact us at flowphotos.com, or give us a call 918-986-7373. We would be happy to get specific and detailed on what we expect. It’s important that your listings are 100% ready for photos before the photographer arrives.