You might be wondering who does real estate photography Des Moines business actually serve? We, here at Flow Photos, believe it serves everyone. Flow Photos is a real estate photography business that specializes in interior and exterior photography, videography, and more, for a variety of real estate properties such as apartments and houses. We believe that our services help buyers, sellers, and actually the community as a whole, including ourselves.

The first thing a person thinks of when I think of real estate photography is the all the pictures of houses online. This is the buyer side. With the technology of today, buying a home or property usually starts with the buyer looking online. If there was no real estate photography, then there would be nothing to look at on these websites. Flow Photos use photography, videography, aerial shots with the drone, and even new 3-D virtual tours. The services allow the buyers to see every angle and aspect of the property or house that there looking to buy.

A real estate photography Des Moines service is also for those who were selling a property. Real estate photography also help out sellers because nobody can sell anything without a buyer and nobody wants to buy something that they can’t see. Most everyone has been on a property listing website and seen houses or buildings that had only a few or no pictures at all. This is actually counterproductive because it is on the website to be sold, but because there is nothing to see no one is interested in it. So, real estate photography helps sellers because it helps get their listings viewed. For example, a buyer looking for a house with a big, pretty backyard is going to be looking specifically for pictures of that type.

So real estate photography helps buyers and sellers alike, but it also helps the community. How would it help the community? Great question! A house is an investment, so when somebody buys a house there making an investment for themselves, but they are also bring in monetary value to the community. This goes for sellers as well, sometimes. By selling a property, the seller generates income, which if they stay in the community, that is where they will most likely that income back into. The real estate market brings value to the it’s community via buyers and sellers.

So to answer the question: who does a real estate photography Des Moines services actually serve? The answer is everyone. Real estate photography helps buyers choose what they want to buy, and consequently it helps sellers sell their property. Buying and selling property actually helps the community itself because it brings value, and most likely pours that value back into the community itself in various ways. We want to help make the process easier for everyone, so reach out to us today to see what value we can bring to you! You can call us at 515-650-9595 you can find us online at for your first appointment for only $1!

Do You Need More Than Basic Real Estate Photography Des Moines?

Flow Photos is the best real estate photography Des Moines services. Flow Photos is a real estate photography business specializes in interior and exterior photography, videography, as well as 3-D virtual tours, and even aerial shots with the drone. There are several reasons why Flow Photos is the greatest real estate photography company. A few of these are our various services, the outstanding perks working with us, as well as great customer service.

Flow Photos offers many great services that help buyers and sellers alike. Our services include interior and exterior photography and videography of various real estate properties. We photograph houses, apartments, and more. We can even new 3-D virtual tours, as well as aerial photography and videography via a drone. With these various tools, we are able to capture every angle and aspect of our property to give buyers more of an idea of what they’re looking at and increase chances of buying. For example, some buyers are not only interested on the building, but also the land surrounding it and where the property lines are. We give the solution to this by offering the drone photography.

In addition to our great services, we also offer many great options for those who work with us. First time customers pay only $1 for their first photo shoot with us. If you know anything about the real estate market, you know how great a deal that is. You spend one dollar to gain several thousand. Some of the great options we offer our free receipts for any reason at all, free websites for any property that we photograph, as well as loss listing protection. This protection plan is for when you hire Flow Photos to photograph your property, but you lose that listing for whatever reason, we give your next photo shoot of equal or lesser value to you for free. We have no rescheduling or cancellation fees either.

Another way that we are the best real estate photography Des Moines has to offer is because of our amazing customer service. Customer service is the core value of Flow Photos. The reason our name is “flow” is after we first started in 2013 we started to notice that the more we put our customers needs before our own, things just seem to flow as they should. By incorporating into our name, we have a costs reminder of the purpose of our business: which is to serve you. This is why we both make ourselves easily available and able to be contacted by you. We want to be transparent with you about our work, which is why we have a vast gallery of photos and videos on our website.

So, what makes us the best real estate photography Des Moines has to offer? It is because of our amazing services that helps both buyers and sellers in the real estate market; we give many free options that most photography companies would charge for; and because the core of Flow Photos’s customer service. However, we want our actions to speak louder than our words, so please reach out today! Call us today at 515-650-9595 or you can reach out to us online at and book your first appointment for just $1!